What fun to watch little creative minds work at physically building block structures as well as words with Geomagworld’s new PAL Award winner, “Magicube Word Building.” I set the magnetic blocks and attachable letter clips on the table and first graders started building top to bottom, “cat,” bottom to top, “nut,” and sideways, “scarf.” It wasn’t long before they were inventing ways to make word families by changing the first letter or twisting the block for a different beginning letter and new word. Kids were collaborating, “Is A a vowel?” and “Which way does d go?” Soon the red vowels became a red carpet to walk on for pretend play, the line of blocks spelling “scarf” became a “Scarf truck” carrying other letter blocks! and several words formed a castle. Their teacher loved the set, saying this is just what they are learning in first grade. The clips with illustrations of 3 letter words, bag, bib, cup, mug, jam and so on helped some kids get started with spelling words. The kids that didn’t have a turn to play with the Word Building Set today asked when I was coming back! A booklet of word building games is included in the set suggesting building around vowels or consonants, making a long snake of words, or building 3D words. Kids had tremendous fun practicing reading and spelling and didn’t want to give up their spot playing with Word Building. What an endorsement.

Note, Magicubes are sold separately