3-2-1 Blastoff with Magna Tiles’ new Galaxy Rocketship. My little friend was excited just opening the box, “Oh cool, a Magna Tile rocket. Can I make it right now?” He loved constructing the different stages of the rocket ship starting with the engines, adding the triangular fins and topping it with 4 isosceles triangles for the nose cone. Part of the cool factor is that all 24 tiles are double sided with galaxy images so when you peek inside the rocket ship or knock it down which is often more fun, you see all the planets on their own tile–venus, mars, jupiter, uranus, and so on as well as the sun and an astronaut floating in space. Kids began to show interest in learning about the planets as well as ordering them in the sky or by size. The flip side of the nose cone’s triangular pieces becomes the bright sun. Since this set is compatible with all magna tiles, kids can expand their galaxy pretend play, making docking stations, lift off pads etc to embellish the story, building language skills that contribute to reading and writing success.

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