imagesToddlers love to have an excuse to walk and preschoolers like to imitate adults so this portable workbench is just in their wheelhouse! My 2 year-old friends got right to work hammering and screwing in the pegs and transporting the “little yellow man.” This  tool trolley is so creatively designed so the two front yellow wooden bolts imitate headlights and a yellow man in a hard hat attaches magnetically in the driver’s seat. My little friend strolled by and declared, “I bang!” The hammer, wrench and screw driver attach with magnets to the outside matching outline of their shape, adding to the learning. Pretend play extends beyond the toy as little ones became fast friends with the yellow man, playing hide and go seek with him and taking him along on a stroller ride. Kids practiced the language of do-it-yourself repair–push, pull, screw, turn, bang, lift, twist, on/off, in/out, and up/down. The trolley started to transport a baby doll and water bottle as our fix-it friends moved about the house. A wonderful tool for pretend play and conversation, this toy encourages language development as kids solve problems and re-enact experiences in their day.

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