Outdoor explorers, insect lovers, and builders will all enjoy the Make Your Own Bug Catcher Kit. Children follow directions to build and decorate their own unique bug habitat for a chance to collect critters and observe them up close.

The kit includes 4 precut wooden panels and 2 screen frame panels. Builders construct the kit following written and picture instructions (great for the pre-readers!) and then have the paint and design details on the outside. With 12 different paint colors and 3 different brush types, the artistic possibilities were endless. The Painting Guide in the kit was used to inspire color mixing and different brush techniques.

“I’m making one side the ground, and the other side the sky!”

“My bug will feel right at home because this looks like the brown dirt with little specks”

Once the Bug Catcher was complete, it was a quick dash outside gathering grass, dandelions, bark and rock to complete the habitat. Next, was a cooperative search of critters to observe. Our toy testers combed through grass, dug in the dirt, and overturned a few rocks in hopes to catch a bug for a little while. They practiced planning skills on how to get the bug inside, and they made some keen observations (“Look! He’s only moving his front legs!”).

The Make Your Own Bug Catcher Kit became a launching pad for learning more about Earthly creatures and having a conversation about the world outside. It sparked kids’ curiosity, provided sensorial experiences, developed an appreciation for nature, and learning continued in the outdoor environment.

Available at MindWare