My little friend unpacked the supplies to make his dinosaur habitat with his mom. The brightly colored sand was interesting with its different textures as they compared them using different adjectives and enjoyed a bit of a sensory experience, feeling the different sands as he layered them in his habitat bowl. The instruction guide explained the five groups of layers of the earth during the Age of Mammals and The Age of Dinosaurs, the lowest level being 225 million years ago. Fossils and habitats were also discussed, inspiring a conversation between mother and son about living creatures and their habitats. My little friend piped up, “All living things need water!” So then he cut out a blue circle out of construction paper and put it in the habitat since his dinos needed water. He added the plastic plants, Styracosaurus and Spinosaurus to get the habitat ready for play!  This habitat can adapt to play, as kids’ imaginations and creativity produce different story lines that might require additions to the bowl such as acorns, sticks, twigs and so on. Luckily my friend was  “Super Kid” this week, which means he got to share items while in virtual school, and he told everyone about the “layers” in the habitat and how each “one represented a different dinosaur era.” Super cute way to inspire pretend play and build language skills through story telling.

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