Little builders step right up to this functioning workbench, stocked with tools, gears, nails, screws and wooden cut-outs for creating projects. Our dad who assembled the workbench described it as “easy to assemble with only a page of instructions” and having  “amazing quality!” Too bad it was a little small for him. The wrench, ruler, hammer, saw and screw driver stow away in their matching slots while a backboard of peg holes provides a pattern for attaching cubes of wood, screws, gears or pegs, among the 32 pieces provided. Need to do some steady work? Clamp your wooden piece into the vice for extra support. Preschoolers learn language and story telling through imitation of adult activities in their world. Children’s “work” is really their play as they carry out scenarios they have seen and add on their own creative twist. This workbench is a perfect play space for keeping kids engaged in problem-solving and creative building.

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