Get ready for a fantastically fun, easy to learn party game for the whole family, 8 years and up! Flip a card to read your category, secretly write your response on your dry erase board and turn your prediction dial to guess how many players it will take to find a match to your answer. The category cards are varied, interesting and across many topics, “Something you look forward to in the morning”…coffee of course! Or “Best Classic Cartoon”…Road Runner and “Famous person named Chris”…Chris Columbus, Chris Farley, and Kris Kringle. The category cards indicate which direction to go in matching your answers, to players on your left or right. The Prediction Dial determines your scoring. The fewer chances you give yourself to get at match, the more points you earn. Match-O-Rama taps and builds language skills as players have to think in categories as well as use some emotional intelligence to predict what their fellow players might write down. Of course there is always conversation after a round as players explain their off the wall answers that brought them no points! This will definitely be a favorite in our family game closet.

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