Get ready to race the math monster with ThinkFun’s Math Path Monster. Players work together to beat the monster to the cave as they make their way through the maze adding and subtracting. It combines fun gameplay with essential math skills practice, making it an invaluable resource for educators and parents.

Players take turns rolling 2 pairs of dice (4 dice total) and create two equations with their numbers — one addition and one subtraction. However, one equation is the player’s move, and one is the Monster’s move! They must strategically solve to advance as far as possible through the cave, while attempting to slowly move the monster. ALL explorers must get to the cave before the Math Monster to win the game, so teamwork and cooperative play is a theme throughout.

Power cards, bridges and dice battles create even more dynamic gameplay, which keeps kids working together and at the edge of their seats. Dice battles were particularly exciting, which happens when an explorer and the Math Monster land on the same space.

At the heart of Math Path Monster is a mission to enhance math fluency for addition and subtraction. Players create different equations, solving multiple times per turn to determine t he best moves for themselves and the monster. It’s a powerful tool for reinforcing math concepts by providing students with hands-on practice and create confidence and rapid recall of math facts.

With multiple players, the game encourages collaboration and teamwork as players work together to solve math problems and navigate the maze. This collaborative approach strengthens interpersonal skills and promotes a sense of shared achievement.

Math Path Monster challenges players to think strategically, cooperatively, and practice math fluency simultaneously. It integrates fun and education with math problem solving and strategic thinking. By leveraging the power of gameplay, parents and educators can inspire a love for learning mathematics while equipping students with essential skills for academic success and beyond.

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