Math just got even cooler. Watch and discover Netflix’s popular Numberblocks series. Numberblocks are friendly characters that help children see how numbers work. They bring a new dimension of learning numbers and mastering early math skills.

There are 3 components to the activity set. Character cards show each Numberblock character, their place on the number line, and how they’re made (for instance 10+1=11). Activity cards follow a number of the episode; so it’s really helpful to watch the episode and have the activity card alongside for an added learning reinforcement. Lastly, the building blocks! Our Numberblocks fans loved building each character after watching the episode, counting out blocks and using stickers to make faces.

Each Numberblock also has the written number on top. So children are getting a visual understanding of the number represented both in written form and quantitative form. Since the blocks are building blocks, the shape can change. Children are truly understanding the concept of numbers >10.

The activities tie in with the episodes. There are memorable moments in the episode that create connections for early math learners. Play didn’t stop at the Activity cards. Our kiddos enjoyed using their blocks to reenact episodes bringing on even greater learning using language and math together. Each Numberblock has a unique skill, hobby, or badge, that allows children to reinforce number learning and understanding of early math relationships.

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