gmc10-1Heads up everyone–Peaceable Kingdom has brought us yet another fantastic cooperative learning game that is loads of silly fun! Set out the 16 palace tiles in a grid, randomly place 3 Memory Monsters face down, and start your play with a number of animal tokens. Turn over an animal token, make up a silly story and place it face down on one of the tiles. Continue taking turns as the story-teller until all your animals are used. Language association skills are tapped in the story-telling as well as memory aspect of this game as kids and adults often place their animal in a scene associated with it such as the owl in the dark attic, the turtle in the puddle from the hose, or a monkey in the pink tree. Add the silly details, “The muddy pig skipped across the dining room table!” and we have a story. Now it’s time for a Memory Master to remember the stories, tile by tile throughout the palace. Avoid the Memory Monsters or the game is over. A game of visual and auditory memory, association, and story-telling,  this beautifully illustrated palace draws kids into some incredible learning!

Available at Peaceable Kingdom. Click here