MindWare brings us the best toys with kids and parents in mind. Mermaid Island Sparkle Mosaics is a fantastic, take-along, activity and all parts are self contained in the convenient carrying case.

Artists, imaginers, and underwater lovers can create colorful ocean mosaics using over 300 different magnets. The set includes 6 double sided scenes and a built in easel. Kids can match by color/number (a key is set on the bottom of the easel) and shape or design their own.

Our 4 year old toy tester had to try out the mermaid first (of course!). She stuck the background on her easel and got right to work. Some shapes were quite easy to match, like the equilateral triangle, but other required a little of guess and check. It was fascinating to watch as she tested a magnet, flipped it, and revised until she found the match.

When matching up by number/color and shape, our 4 year old used several different skills. She practiced following directions, number and color matching and fine motor skills as each magnetic tile was carefully placed.

Our mosaic artist gained a bit of confidence and was ready to create her very own scene. She used her imagination to place mermaids, fish, and an underwater castle on her board and told a story.

“Mermaid and fish are best friends. They loved exploring the pink castle passed the reef…” As her story continued, the magnetic creatures glided across the board as she imagined different scenarios. Her fish loved to eat sparkly triangles!

Kids will love the Mermaid Island Sparkle Mosaics to create beautiful art over and over again. Parents will love it for the fine motor skill building, following directions, independent creating, and transportability.

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