This is must-have book for every baby’s bookshelf. 150 First Words is an oversized board book featuring functional words that are optimal for language learning. The book highlights daily activities throughout baby’s day, such as waking up, mealtime, bath time, and a day at the park.

Each page contains pictures of objects/nouns at the bottom and a colorful two-page illustration above that shows action. Caregivers are encouraged to label (and point!) to the objects on the bottom so a child can hear a word multiple times for learning. They can reinforce learning by engaging in a seek-and-find in the illustration above.

Where’s the baby? There she is! Climbing up the slide. Up, Up, Up. Can you find the dog? Run dog run!

Research shows that babies will acquire new words (nouns) faster if you give the object more meaning. Attaching a verb, adjective, or preposition to the noun gives our language learners a context. Additionally, using short phrases and descriptions can be beneficial to a child. These two-word combinations are suggested on each page. Caregivers can feel confident that they are helping their child learn new words while reading this book.

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