Mickey and his friends ordered some magical fun food. Young game players loved seeing silly foods like Minnie waffles, Donald cupcakes, Goofy popsicles, Pluto pancakes, and a Mickey burger.

Two to four players can join at a time. Each player gets a colored Mickey card holder hand. Players try to collect the Magical Treat cards that match the color of their Mickey hand. The Fry Basket Game board is placed in the center of play. Players take turns drawing new treat cards or trading cards. The player who collects the most Magical Treat cards of their color wins!

Players loved describing the different Magical Treats foods in the shape of five familiar friends. In addition to matching by color, alternative play methods included matching by character or number. This was great for teaching and reinforcing early preschool concepts like same/different and color and number recognition. At the end of each game, players counted their cards, focusing on one-to-one number correspondence to determine the winner!

Mickey and Friends Magical Treats was a fun, quick play game for small groups. Children learn foundational preschool concepts like numbers, counting, and colors, and loved the familiarity of seeing their favorite characters too.