Snuggle time has never been more fun with your own cuddly blanket game board that kids can unfold over their covers and maybe even invent their own bedtime story. My little friend loved this “game” that of course turned into some pretend play “outside the box” so to speak, as she played with the animals creatively, trotting through Mickey’s garden and and into Daisy’s flower patch. We moved the countdown sun arrow to 9 while all five animal movers were in the fenced area ready to play! Kids learn to spin and make ch0ices between two options such as blue or red landing spot or a star or circle spot and move an animal to their choice of a connecting spot along the dirt path. Kids enjoy snapping the animals in and out of their plastic posts at each spot. Everyone cooperates to get the animals into the barn, which is a large pocket to hold the animals as well as the entire soft game board when folded up! Stuffing the blanket board into the pocket was a fun activity for little ones as well as a fine motor building activity. This cooperative preschool game reinforces farm vocabulary such as flower pot, hoe, cow, tractor and bale of hay, colors, shapes and counting while kids can cooperatively collect the animals in the barn for the night. What a fun addition to bedtime!

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