MM Directors Cut_package_43067Ready, set, ACTION! Lily’s behind the camera and Zoom the dog is ready to perform! But first we have to construct our movie set, complete with a stage, side door, ticket office, sliding curtains, and backdrop scenes, and props.  Kids loved watching the Theater come together. “I love K’NEX, every inch of the piece has a purpose!” Now it’s time to grab a phone and film your movie. Use the Mighty Makers card to get more ideas on filming and camera mounts to get the action. K’NEX’s new “Mighty Makers” building sets are a synergistic union of STEM and language skills, as girls build their structures to provide props for the provided characters and story-line. Being able to build the story physically and verbally, taps into creativity, as well as language, cognitive and fine motor skills. Let the learning fun begin!

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