416468 43534 MM Fun on the Ferris Wheel_PkgMeet Emily and her bear Cocoa in the beautifully illustrated instruction book as you are invited to take a visit to the amusement park. But first, you get to build your own shaded booths and Ferris Wheel, exploring how it works, circling the flexi-rods and dangling seats, and learning about gears. K’NEX’s new “Mighty Makers” building sets are a synergistic union of STEM and language skills, as girls build their structures to provide props for the provided characters and story-line. “Look, the seats have a gravitational pull so the seats stay down!” my friend said, as she assembled the wheel. After constructing the ferris wheel, and learning about gear ratios and how to change the speed of the wheel, girls can purchase an ice cream treat and their ticket to hop in their seat for a go around. Don’t forget Cocoa but don’t go too fast!

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