In today’s busy world, it’s important to take pause and just be. Teaching and practicing mindfulness with children is simpler with hand2mind’s Mindful Maze Garden Pack. With two double-sided tiles, the finger mazes become a visual and sensory tool to help children focus and practice self-regulation.

Each finger maze features an indented path to allow for finger tracing. There are subtle cues along the paths to inhale, pause, and exhale. It’s great for older children as they become more intentional with their breathing patterns, truly allowing them to focus on their body’s sensations and breath patterns.

Even with younger children (where the breathing coordination was a bit too complex to follow), they enjoyed simply tracing their finger along the path as they took a break in the day to slow their bodies and notice feelings. This is a great activity to do alongside your child as you explore sounds, smells, and feelings with more curiosity. It’s great for building connection and language while creating a peaceful moment to increase resilience and concentration and reduce stress.

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