Ravensburger delivers 3×49 Minecraft puzzles where kids explore and recreate their own experiences on this puzzling adventure. There are three different Minecraft Biomes featured. Build and defend the woods as Steve and Alex run through vines. Carefully navigate through the Nether past ghosts and hold your breath and swim underwater with creatures too.

If you’ve got a gamer at home, this screen-free version of the Minecraft world really gets them excited. They loved sharing experiences from the game (and “teaching” the non-gamers), using lots of language and narrative skills as they sequenced events and described each land. This 3-in-1 puzzle not only gets kids talking, but they’re learning other skills too!

Puzzles have so many learning benefits. Children can improve concentration, hand-eye coordination, practicing spatial thinking and fine motor skills. The Minecraft Biomes 3×49 puzzles specifically sparked conversation of comparing and contrasting different worlds. Children used content-specific vocabulary with strong storytelling. It’s a fantastic screen-free option for a Minecraft gaming fan.

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