A proud rooster made its way to the top of Schleich’s Mobile Chicken Coop and crowed loudly cock-a-doodle-doo!

“Good morning, farm!”

“Good morning, chickens! What a nice day!”

That’s how the story started at least. This petite chicken coop on wheels includes a rooster, hen, baby chick, and some eggs. That’s all our toy testers needed to create dialogue and multiple pretend play scenarios where hungry baby chicks searched for food and mama hen pushed the coop to find a new farm (good thing the coop is mobile!).

Schleich continued to deliver high quality, realistic toys that ignite a child’s imagination where their stories come to life. The details in the animals, like the veins in the feathers, allowed for children to think of new plot lines. “Here, let me brush your feathers for you” commented one preschooler during play.

The coop itself had three separate openings, allowing for tiny hands to maneuver doors and windows and manipulate each play piece in the set. Participating in pretend play is essential to a child’s development. It helps them to use language and new vocabulary through dialogue to expand their imaginations and bring their ideas into the world. Children also exercise creativity, practice social-emotional skills by taking turns, listening to others, and playing cooperatively.

Schleich’s Mobile Chicken Coop is a great playset on its own or to pair with other Farm World favorited. It’s the perfect additive for learning through play for animal lovers, farm visitors, classrooms and home.

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