imgresThe popularity of construction and car/train track sets continues in the toy industry as does mash potatoes and dressing on the Thanksgiving table. Old friends, familiar, enjoyable, good memories! In the $84B global toy industry though you have a plethora of sets to choose from, a little guidance could be helpful. Many sets are vying for our attention and pocketbooks. “Modular Toys 3D Racetrack Kit” is the real deal. The 46 piece set offers 10,000 different combinations of play-ways, and their unique design allows for looping and layering that make the Santa Anna Freeway look tame. The road segment linking system is easy, durable and well suited for even the smallest builders. Multi-color road plates not only contribute to the fun of your turnpike, but make instructions easier to follow as you assemble recommended configurations. I like the width of the track pieces which accommodate a broad set of different brand cars. The sturdy curbs and grooved surfaces contribute to keeping cars from going airborne (that is, when you DON’T want them going airborne). Modular Toys is a full fledged player in this road and track construction space, bringing their own excellent quality and features to bear. It comes with a few cars and a policeman, but it is flexibly open to other vehicles, characters and accessories from any corner of the playroom. Language, role and pretend play abound as that perfect storm of unique building fun, roads, cars and characters come together.

By Bob Artemenko

Available at Modular Toys. Click here