Does your little one love bath time? Whether they love splashing in the water, or you’re having bath time struggles, Hape’s Musical Whale Fountain is the perfect learning toy to introduce to your toddler.

Simply stick the fountain to the bottom of the tub and then choose from two different play modes. Our toddler loved the music mode! Water sprays (high!) from all five colorful whales and plays familiar melodies that are sure to spark dancing and smiles. Our toddler toy tester loved hearing Mozart classics and especially loved when an adult sang along to “BINGO” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

Play mode allows for free play, just like a piano. Press each whale to hear “Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La” and your musician will soon be dancing to their own melody.

The Musical Whale Fountain is a great toy for learning cause and effect concepts. Cause-and-effect thinking teaches causality, which allows children to understand how things work. “When I press the red whale, I hear a sound. When I press the orange whale, I hear a different sound,” is an example of early cause-and-effect thinking. Comprehending cause-and-effect allows children to better explain the why as they grow older.

Hape brings their learning expertise to bath time with the Musical Whale Fountain. This engaging bath toy will spark your toddler’s curiosity, as they develop cognitive, language, and motor skills.