Bakers, start your ovens! My Baking Oven with Magic Cookies by Hape combines the fun of baking with the magic of pretend play. It’s the perfect addition to your kitchen to enhance foodie imaginations, foster creativity and understand cause-and-effect interactions.

My Baking Oven includes 8 pieces that all combine together for one magical baking adventure. Six decorated cookies and a removable cooktop that doubles as the serving tray. The oven has two knobs that twist and click to bakers’ delight and an opening and closing door to bake the cookies, of course! When the cookies are placed in the oven, they witnessed an enchanting transformation as the cookies change color. This delighted their senses and taught cause and effect in a tangible and memorable way.

Bakers sequenced their baking steps to play the part. This helps to develop fundamental cognitive skills such as sequential thinking, which is crucial for understanding cause-and-effect relationships. They used words like first, next, then, and last to narrate their play, which sets them up for more complex narratives as they get older. The cookies’ color-changing feature, become the centerpiece of exciting narratives, as children invent stories around the magical transformations that occurred during baking.

My Baking Oven with Magic Cookies is a delightful kitchen tool that combines pretend play, storytelling, and cause-and-effect learning. It empowers children to engage in imaginative narratives and grasp fundamental concepts through play. Add a dash of magic to your child’s playtime with My Baking Oven and watch as they embark on delicious learning adventures!

Available at Hape and speciality toy retailers