Puzzles continue to be a phenomenal learning tool for children. Our little ones are fascinated by matching colors, designs, and making connections. Even our kids love to chase that thrill feeling when a puzzle is complete.

The Learning Journey International (TLJI) introduces new speedy floor puzzles featuring everyone’s favorite vehicles. Kids can choose from a Fire Truck, Recycle Truck, Train, or Digger Truck. Each puzzle has 12 large pieces which make maneuvering on the floor a bit easier. Floor puzzles are great for practicing fine and gross motor skills. Kids are crouching on the ground to build muscle strength and balance and their hands and fingers are working to turn and flip pieces to make the puzzle connection.

Puzzles are an excellent avenue to increase vocabulary skills. Parents can narrate colors, shapes, prepositions and other spatial words as the child works to put the puzzle together. “We need two round yellow lights above the truck’s eyes.” Practicing spatial thinking and concepts is great for developing problem solving skills and adaptability as children use higher level language and reasoning skills to complete their puzzle.

The quality and sturdiness of these awesome floor puzzles from The Learning Journey International is unmatched. Materials are made from recycled paper and the bright colors are made from soy-based ink, minimizing the impact on the environment.

Available at The Learning Journey International and Amazon