My Kindness Journal gently and creatively guides kids through activities and reflections on kindness, making the world a kinder place. Children are encouraged to journal about their thoughts and experiences as they explore kindness, discover what it means to others and how it affects them, create kindness projects and share what they have learned with others. Through a series of prompting questions, “What does it mean to be kind to others?” “When is it hard for you to be kind to others?” children start to define and apply kindness and see its consequences. “Act and Reflect” sections inspire the child to invite a new kid at school to one of her activities, call a relative she hasn’t talked to recently, or surprise a family member with a gift from the heart. With practical props, kids can act out their kindness, passing on punch-out tokens like “Write a poem for someone” or “Leave a happy note,” to inspire others to pass kindness on. Children really go deep in their learning about and applying kindness everyday, including journalling about when it can be hard to be kind and how you can show kindness in spite of the challenge. They even have thank you cards to punch out to show their attitude of gratitude. What a lovely, and fun way to learn about emotions, name them and inspire positive emotions in others.

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