Huggles small dollDo you want to take your Huggles friend on the road? Now they are available in just the right size (and huggability) to tuck under your arm or pack for a trip. Little Mia made some stops with me today to get the conversation going about being “generous.” These rag doll companions with larger than life engaging eyes just beg to be hugged and encourage one of eight character values–fairness, gratefulness, honesty, cheerfulness, generosity, courage, kindness, and confidence. When my little friend wasn’t sure what “generous” meant we talked about giving of our time or things to help others. Discussions of social skills and core values and how they play out in everyday activities leads to a wonderful language lesson as kids apply the concepts to their little world. My friend was chomping on a candy and decided that she would give extra to her friend to be “generous.” I found that the conversation continues as kids apply their character lessons to next activities which is just the doll’s purpose. My Friend Huggles dolls are a perfect friend for any family or educator of young children to hopefully make this world a better place.

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