Little ones were fascinated with “My Own Laundry” and had such fun imitating their household when getting right to the task. My little tester didn’t skip a beat as she examined the soap box, dryer sheets, hangers , cloth squares, towel and iron and started right in. Before I knew it, she was stuffing the items into the washer and pressing the “on” button to set off the blinking lights and hear the realistic water washing and timer buzz to let her know her clothes were done. She meticulously ironed them and hung each piece of cloth up on a hanger ready to go again. This portable pretend laundry set worked well for play on the kitchen table, in the family room or in her room. I even packed it in my therapy bag for play with kids as I traveled. Imitating everyday experiences reinforces language skills as children learn the vocabulary, sequences of activities and dialogue that accompanies a common theme. This little girl paused briefly during her play to say, “Where did you get this? Because I want one!”

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