George the Giraffe lived up to his hype of being a 3-in-1 toy as he was hugged, unrolled to play hide and seek and tucked under the head for a pretend nap! Fold and roll up My Pet Blankie, loop the elastic ring over his tail and you have a plush animal friend to share your day with. Your bunny, dog, elephant, giraffe or monkey are chunky enough to present as a plush toy for rides in the wagon, pretend meals, or story time. Beginning around 12 months, children expand their language by imitating adult actions with their pretend toys, setting up scenarios and talking to their animals as best friends. It is important to provide “props” for such learning to expand their play. My Pet Blankie is a flexible learning toy as it can serve as a companion for conversation or a blanket or tent in play. Better yet, the soft plush is perfect for cuddle time!

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