Mia the Unicorn is a perfect friend for pretend play. As any beautiful unicorn she requires some care which kids lovingly give to her as they press her necklace to choose a color and then touch her eyes, horn and wings to apply the color. Tap Mia’s horn to see what color mood she is in, “Orange, let’s go!” or “Oh purple, it’s so mysterious.” Red is vibrant and blue signifies she is feeling so peaceful. Mia can even get kids to talk about their feelings and what colors might represent their mood that day. Cover one of Mia’s eyes and she’ll ask you to share your wishes. Kids are inspired to use their imaginations to dream big and share with their little friend. Want to get musical? Tap Mia’s mouth button and listen to her sing or she might even surprise you with a kiss. Little Mia is a kid sized interactive friend who can sing, converse, fly and encourage responses, building language skills through pretend play.

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