Mama Turtle and her 5 babies love strolling along in LeapFrog’s Nest & Count Turtle Tower. It offers numerous cognitive and motor skill benefits, while also fostering language development through engaging play.

The Nest & Count Turtle Tower provides an opportunity for toddlers to engage in problem-solving as they explore size concepts through logical thinking and trial and error. Children learn to differentiate between different sizes as they nest and stack the turtles inside each other or stack them.

This provided great opportunities for language development and interaction between toddlers and their caregivers.  It was practical way for children to understand and use comparative (big, bigger) and superlative (biggest) words, as well as prepositions (in, on, under).

Stacking and nesting these adorable turtles also helped refine fine motor skills. Manipulating the turtles to fit them together or stack them required precision and control, which strengthens the muscles in their hands and fingers.

The charming turtle design and interactive nature of the toy was great for imaginative play too. We loved hiding the turtles around the room and then toddlers pulled Mama Turtle around in hopes to find her babies. We created stories and scenarios of where the turtles ended up — stuck in the muck of a swamp, in the brush of thorny roses, and even upside down on their shell. This creative thinking enhanced cognition and language through early storytelling.

LeapFrog’s Nest & Count Turtle Tower supports cognitive, motor, and language development. From early problem-solving skills and understanding size concepts to practicing fine motor skills and expanding vocabulary, this toy offers a well-rounded approach to important early-learned skills. Additionally, the opportunities for imaginative and social play make it an engaging and valuable addition to any child’s playtime.

Available at Target and Walmart