imgresI have “Never Ever” seen so much repetition of so few words in a picture book that is surrounded by zany illustrations saying “Never say never!”  A cute, pigtailed little girl along with her beloved stuffed bunny takes us through this story of the imagination as she begins with the declaration, “Nothing exciting ever happens to me! Never, ever! Humph…” Passing through the apple orchard, grasslands, wheat fields, and river she is oblivious to a flying pig following her, gorilla beneath her feet, lion among the grass, and turtles as her stepping stones. The repetitive phrases “never, ever, ever, ever” provide a wonderful opportunity for kids to repeat and “read” this story with an adult. Roar! Yuck and MMMmmmm…yum add some punch to each encounter with an animal, and fun for the little readers. A perfect book to get kids interested in participating and reading, “Never Ever” is a great find for keeping the mind sharp over summer break.

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