tmnt-flying-attack-lifestyleWith a perfect mix of fun, skill, and action, this game scored an “Oh that’s awesome!” immediately from my friends. Assemble the 4 layered teetering tower, housing the game board along the perimeter of each floor, marking spots to hang or perch Shredder’s Foot Clan Ninjas. Choose one player to play Shredder, while all others join forces as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to bring down his evil Foot Clan. Shredder follows the color-coded directions on his cards, strategically balancing and moving his Foot Clan Ninjas up the tower. He has to think tactically, looking for spots that will grant him more cards, and thus more options as well as placing his soldiers in a safe spot. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team launches their turtles on the Catapult to bring down the Foot Clan Ninjas. Both teams race to finish their mission first–Shredder has to uncover six Device Cards, while the turtles have to capture seven Foot Clan Ninjas. As it is advantageous for Shredder to get more of his ninjas on the tower, they also becomes more vulnerable to being knocked down providing more targets. Kids loved to launch their Ninja Turtles, taking a few tries to perfect their technique. “I’m good at this!” announced one friend as he sailed his turtle into the tower network. The design of the game allows for different levels and ages of players to play together since Shredder’s role required more strategy than that of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Lots of talk ensued as Shredder verbalized his strategy, Ninja Turtles advised each other on how to shoot (one realizing a second hand steadied his aim) where to shoot and cautioned on balance issues. This is a well-designed entry level strategy game, pitting two arch enemies against each other, strengthening fine motor dexterity as well as collaborative language skills.

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