Peaceable Kingdom Noodle Speedoodle“Noodle Speedoodle” will have you racing against the clock, not one another, to draw a specified word for the gang to guess. Spin first for one of five options for doodling with your noodles (say that 5 times fast!). Ranging from choose a noodle, pick a card and incorporate your noodle in the drawing to draw with your non-dominant hand or draw all 3 words on a card in the time allotted. Rectangles, triangles, swirls, zigzags, and curly cues keep the brain moving as players must figure out how to use the noodle in their drawing of a banana, dinosaur, Eiffel Tower or airport. Once again I saw that youth thinks outside the box and my friend quickly got creative with his triangular noodle that he had to use drawing a doorknob. He pictured a house and used the noodle for one corner, and then went on to draw the door and knob with an arrow to it. My turn with the triangle I luckily picked “earring” so it became crucial to my drawing. Players exercise language skills as they decide how to visually depict their word, what details to use to define it and then use deductive reasoning as teammates start guessing.

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