Just the name of this game will get kids interested for sure. My 12 year-old friend walked in and immediately recognized this game from playing it at camp! “Not Parent Approved”  was fun and funny, appealing to his fellow tweens.  I have to agree with him after playing this zany card game where clearly kids saw the humor and understood it better than adults based on the quick spontaneous giggles and laughter among the younger set. Play begins with a burping contest to crown the Burp Boss who draws the first blue question card and reads it aloud. Players each have 7 answer cards to play to best respond to the question. The Burp Boss selects the best answer and awards that player a card and point. With wacky, sometimes edgy and irreverent options, kids set off the laughter with their winning responses to questions like, “A martian just landed on our planet and after seeing you ____,  he thinks that’s the way to say ‘Hello'” or “Boys remind me of_____.” Options for answers include plenty of references to middle school humor topics like boogars and farts, as well as seemingly innocent answers like “Santa Claus” or “Sparky fairy wings” which in the right context was hilarious to kids too. The genius of this game is they have seamlessly included relatable social situations for kids to apply to questions too such as “”Craving popularity,” “Getting busted for passing notes in class,” or “Hugs from parents on the schoolyard.” There is definitely a social language component to this game as tweens and up pair silly but identifiable experiences with funny questions. Surely the two moms who invented this game to get kids interacting and off of screens have accomplished their goal!

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