Nounsense is a fast-paced game that pits two teams against each other trying to quickly identify a person, place or thing based on their teammate’s description of the noun. 480 cards are packed into the Nounsense box but only 60 are used for the three rounds making up each game. When your team is up, turn over the timer and pick a card to describe. In the first round you can use unlimited words to depict nouns like aluminum foil, plunger, Cape Town, The Golden Gate Bridge, Tom Cruise or Babe Ruth. Keep giving clues and moving on to the next card until your time runs out. The next team follows and so on until all the words have been identified. Round 2 gets a little harder, although both teams know all the words, but now the clue giver can only use 3 words to describe the noun. Round 3 only one word can be given. Great as a party game, Nounsense can also serve as a language building exercise for kids or adults. Clue givers have to discern what the essential descriptors are to identify the noun and then pare it down to the most important one or two! Will “monument” or “presidents” help your teammates identify “Mount Rushmore?” Players have to think in categories and move between general and specific descriptors. What a fun game for a class of students who are learning about nouns!

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