Get ready for your next adventure with the Oh So Fun! Canoe Set from MindWare. Children loved having these oversized props to allow for play to come to life. The inflatable canoe includes a hand pump and in a few short minutes, imaginations were afloat!

The canoe fit three young children as they took turns paddling, swimming and saving in their river in a pretend play scenario. Witnessing the cooperative play with this set was magical. Each child brought their own ideas and expressions to the play and they each worked to navigate their role.

During pretend play, children learn to problem solve, coordinate, and think flexibly. Engaging in pretend play with other children develops higher order thinking skills, communication, and social skills. They learn to take on other people’s perspectives, transfer knowledge from one situation to another and balance their own ideas with others.

The Oh So Fun! Canoe Set is made of high quality, brushed fabric material (that is not meant for actual water) and is built to last. Our canoers loved the handles on either side so that they could take turns pulling each other “through the water” as their story developed.

This easy to pack Canoe Set was boat-loads of fun, great for fostering pretend and imaginative play, as well as cooperative play.

Available at MindWare