MindWare’s Oh So Fun! Fairy Chalk Set offers a fun and creative way for children to express themselves while also providing numerous language and motor benefits. Inside, you’ll get 22 pieces of everything you need to let imaginations soar in fairyland play. Twelve colorful sidewalk chalk sticks, 6 fairy-shaped chalk figures, 3 wing stencils, and 1 fairy crown.

Our testers immediately planned their fairy characters, choosing wings and colors and personalities to match it all. They mapped out where each fairy should lie as they meticulously traced each other. They used descriptive language to discuss exactly what details they hoped for, elaborating on designs, nature elements, names, and more. As they set the scene for their story, they practiced communication and language skills, requesting, commenting and negotiating, all of which are essential for academic and social success.

Drawing and coloring with chalk required our fairies to practice gross and fine motor skills, as they crouched and traced. They gripped the chalk in different ways for drawing and shading to add the just-right touches to their scene.

The Oh So Fun! Fairy Chalk Set is a fantastic product that sparks imaginative play and practices gross and fine motor skills. It provides a fun and creative opportunity for expression while also helping to develop language and communication skills during solo and cooperative play. If you’re looking to take play outdoors, the Fairy Chalk Set should come along too!

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