GUND is a leader in soft plush toys, safe for baby at the very start. The Oh So Snuggly Collection features three different species: Hippo, Bunny, and Puppy, all of which have adult and baby options. They are super soft and furry on the outside with soft quilted features on their ears, feet, and body, reminiscent of a security blanket and great for tiny fingers to experience different textures. The contrasting fabrics will give baby something new and parents something to talk about. The inside is slightly under stuffed with beaded plush at the base that allows for easy sitting in a crib or on a shelf for display. 

Our baby toy tester enjoyed running her whole hand over Bunny’s belly, feeling (and hearing) the beads inside and then pausing with her pointer at Bunny’s quilted pocket for an extra tactile experience. Parents, grandparents, and caregivers will love The Oh So Snuggly Collection, adding language as they discuss its unique features and play with baby to encourage language development.