1941265839528Parents are always asking me for suggestions for toddler toys–here’s winner. 2 year-olds and up create the habitat by connecting the 4 felt puzzle pieces to view the landscape of ponds, rivers, islands, a log bridge and mini mountain. Next kids placed the 10 stand-up wooden animals, swimming, eating and climbing their way across the mat. These cheerfully painted wooden animals and tree are cute and kid-sized for easy movement across the plains or water. The panda has bamboo, the monkey a coconut tree, and the alligator a river to paddle in. Our little friend took his giraffe to nibble on a tree and enjoyed scaring me with the tiger. A threading string builds fine motor skills as kids pull it through the holes in each animal, keeping them in line. This wonderful story set can build beginning language skills as kids use the animals to invent a story.

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