Story time is any time with LeapFrog’s On-the-Go Story Pal. This adorable bunny plays more than 70 stories, poems and songs. Its different settings will grow with your child and keep them engaged for those early years as language skills and conversation build. There’s also a built-in headphone jack for quiet listening, which makes this even better for travel!

The younger kiddo will love the 35 songs, poems, and lullabies for singing-a-long, dancing and moving. Familiar songs like Old McDonald, Wheels on the Bus, and Down by the Bay promote sound development and language. Singing and listening to songs can advance phonological awareness, help a child learn new vocabulary, and grow their understanding of grammar.

My absolute favorite part of this portable gem are the 37 stories that spark imagination. Each story is so dynamic with different character voices, cinematic music and sound effects that bring the story to life. This helps the child visualize the story content and promotes listening comprehension – an essential literacy tool. Our toy testers especially loved classics like The Tortoise and the Hare and Chicken Little. Though somehow, they kept coming back to listen to The World of Dinosaurs on repeat.

There’s even a record mode. This allows kids to create their own story or retell one they’ve already heard. With 10 minutes of record time, a family or friend could also record a story for a child to listen to later. This feature was a hit for hearing a Grandparent’s version of The Three Little Pigs.

Why we love it

Each story kept kids engaged, listening intently, and even eager to retell the story to an adult later on! The On-the-Go Story Pal fostered narrative development, an essential skill for future learning. Kids who can successfully tell a cohesive story showed greater skills with reading comprehension, reporting, persuading, and describing. This adorable bunny tells one good story!

LeapFrog’s On-the-Go Story Pal is a home run for compelling stories, keeping kids curious and captivated. While they’re listening, they’re growing their brains, building language skills, and setting up for reading success later on.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Walmart