Things are hopping at the Ring-A-Ding Diner as players compete to quickly fill their orders before their opponents do. A game of fast reactions, “Order’s Up” builds excitement as players race to ding the bell, winning the right to add a card to their array of yummy dishes. Select two guest checks,  filled with delectable delights,  like ice cream floats, spaghetti, or a banana split for you to match.  Roll the dice and follow the options to try to be the first one to cover all the food dishes on the card, filling your order. Wild cards like “Special of the Day” or “Free Entree” add to the strategy of the game. Kids hope for the dice to land on the picture of the silver bell,  so they can be the first to ring it, even if their hand gets smashed by others, competing to get there first. Language benefits include: kids learn categories of food–entrees, drinks, desserts, or breakfasts, and how to apply broader cards like “Special of the Day,” which can be hard for a child with more concrete language abilities. I have played this game with children on the autism spectrum and one little boy didn’t want to use the “Special of the Day” card because he didn’t understand its advantage. As with all games, turn taking and following directions are great skills to learn with “Orders Up.”

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