Want to take your little one’s playground off the floor and onto the wall? Oribel’s VertiPlay system does just that! Slip your “Tree Top Adventure” out of the box, remove the back sticker lining and press it on to most vertical surfaces for a toy just at your child’s level, ready for play. My 2 year-old friend couldn’t get enough of sliding Mr.Caterpillar down the 5 wooden ramps of the squirrel’s treehouse, past the squirrel on a swing, with animal friends peeking out of knotholes, a nest and branches. She pointed to different animals and said, “Baby,” “That a bunny,” and “Go down.” After flips, bumps and turns, the caterpillar lands at the end with an acorn reward! The backdrop of a sweet illustration of the squirrel’s family and friends provides plenty to talk about and start up a story. Designed for children two years and older, this Tree Top Adventure is ripe with opportunities for parents to play along side their child, narrating the caterpillar’s movement, sound effects, story characters in the tree house and munching on the acorn at the end. Talking about what your child is seeing and doing, builds language development while dropping and sliding the caterpillar reinforces fine motor skills, eye hand coordination and cause-effect learning. What a fun way to engage in active learning!

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