Otter Confusion is just that, chaos if you make a wrong guess. Each player draws an Otter Card displaying chef otter holding a pan of chocolate chip cookies, a skateboard otter with spiked purple hair, or a mad professor otter in a lab coat with green bubbling ooze coming out of his beaker and more. With his otter faced away from him, the player asks yes-no questions to determine his identity. What makes it difficult is that only part of the identical otter deck is placed face up on the table for comparison and cards are added slowly until all are visible. Your otter might not be flipped over until later in the game. If you get a “no” to your question, you have to draw a behavior card and perform that at each turn until the end of the game. Here’s where it gets whacky fun because you might have to talk like a robot, sing your sentences, or make a “fart” noise when someone tells you NO. I’m sure that one will be popular with kids. With this game of deductive reasoning and visual memory, kids are tapping language skills as they formulate their questions based on past input and try to remember which pictured otters are compatible with their answers. The zany behaviors just add to the fun while kids are learning, listening and remembering, all important skills for school.

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