The Outdoor Easel by Mondo Llama will unleash your child’s creative side and provide valuable learning benefits too. Artists just inflate and create their art right on the easel’s washable surface.

Artists enjoyed creating their masterpieces, and then talking about their ideas, explaining their choices, and describing the features of their artwork. They developed vocabulary, language skills, and excellent use of descriptive words. They were eager to capture the art before washing it off (with the hose!), so we did that with a snap of a photo. Clean up was easy! A quick spray and wash and we were back to creating.

Painting on the vertical surface was also great for developing fine and gross motor skills. Gripping the paintbrushes and working on an anti-gravity surface activates work for new muscles and makes familiar activities a bit more challenging. This can help develop coordination, postural control, and muscle strength in their shoulders, wrists, and even core.

The Outdoor Easel by Mondo Llama is for every artist to capture nature’s beauty outdoors. It encourages creativity and decision-making skills. As they work on their masterpieces, children experimented with colors, shapes, and textures, which can help foster imagination. They practiced motor strength and coordination and loved painting outdoors.

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