GAMEWRIGHT-1105D“How many dimples are on a regulation golf ball? How many bricks are in the Empire State Building? In what year was NATO created? Listen to the creative problem solving, group debate and consensus as players come up with their best group estimate and declare their final answer. It’s up to the question master to decide if their answer is either OVER or UNDER or SPOT ON the correct amount. Flip the card over to see who wins that round. Minds moved quickly as players shared timelines of history, comparative facts of distances, sizes and as well as computed math problems to come up with their estimates and honed them based on group input. “There are 100 floors in the Empire State Building and it covers a  square block so… and  “NATO came after World War II and came pretty quickly so…,”   Players are excited to dip into their memory bank of sports, US history, geography, science and math trivia to arrive at the best answer. It’s fascinating to listen to the group problem-solving and consensus building based on each player’s knowledge and experience, laid out verbally as everyone learns a little more about the topic.