The Panda Playground from EZ Play is the perfect indoor playground for toddlers. This foldable (yes, foldable for storing after play!) playground includes a swing, gymnastics rings, rope ladder, and wooden ladder. 

The Panda Playground brings all language and learning you get from a park inside your own home. Our almost 2 year old toy tester loved the swing! She was motivated to use two word combinations like “more push” and “push high!” Other features of the playground were great for word learning and imitation. Sliding on bums or bellies, climbing up the rope ladder and hiding under the platform. Our toddlers loved the slide especially, climbing up the slide and sending various objects down the slide using a verbal routine… “Ready, set, …. GO!”

For our older toy testers, it didn’t take long before imaginations starting running. Kids became pirates, superheroes, and explorers dodging lava monsters, fighting bad guys, and searching for shelter as dusk broke. Pretend play is a critical part of a child’s learning. They experiment with language, social and emotional roles, and creative problem solving. Having the Panda Playground as a large structure to climb up, over, under and slide down allowed children to explore different story lines while using gross motor skills that improve strength, balance, coordination and body awareness. 

The quality of the Panda Playground is unmatched, made from sturdy ash wood and water-based nontoxic paint and solvents. It easily withstood 2-3 kids climbing, sliding, and swinging on it. The Panda Playground is a top option for parents and caregivers as it fosters gross motor play with language learning, pretend play and many storytelling opportunities. These are the skills that exercise children in more than one way.