Pandas’ Bamboo House by Hape is the ultimate 3-level bamboo house playset for toddlers and preschoolers. It features an adorable panda family where children’s imaginations grow wild as they do all the panda things, like cook, eat, sleep, slide and play. It’s an exceptional playset that provides children with valuable learning benefits from language and imagination to sustainability and social-emotional wellness.

Our toy testers were already planning their stories during the unboxing and set up of Pandas’ Bamboo House. They immediately chose roles and pretended to be the caretakers of the bamboo house, feeding and playing with the pandas, and creating new adventures for them. This type of imaginative play helps children develop creativity and problem-solving skills as they navigate different scenarios and storylines. The various accessories added to their play sequences and the story’s complexity was every changing. They used important language skills like negotiation, description, requesting, and more.

Some of the favorite features in Pandas’ Bamboo House were definitely the ladders, elevator/swing, pond, hammock, and slide. Our pandas were busy on each of the 3-levels doing exactly what happy pandas do! There was some furniture reorganizing and negotiating among the family, which enhanced play and language.

The pretend solar panels on the Bamboo House’s roof started a fun conversation about caring for the planet. Of course pandas want to take care of their planet! The entire set is made of eco-friendly, renewable materials like FSC-certified wood and bamboo, and Green PE (made from the sugarcane plant).

Overall, Pandas’ Bamboo House by Hape is an exceptional toy that provides children with opportunities to build language and social-emotional skills. Imaginative play, that is encouraged in this playset, develops empathy, compassion, and communication as children take on different roles and play with others. Pandas’ Bamboo House is the perfect choice for cooperative and independent pretend play to improve communication, cognition, and encourage fun!

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