Every artist has an important decision to make before creating…. what medium will he/she choose? Well now Crayola has provided the opportunity for kids to actually make their medium with the Crayola Paper Maker.

DIYers will love these easy steps to making their own paper. First measure the pulp and water in your beaker (kids really loved feeling like a real scientist) and mix well. Then carefully pour the mixture on the screen spreading it evenly with your spatula. We used the three different color dyes, included, to make a multi-color piece of paper, perfect for Dad’s birthday card. Last, turn the crank to press the paper and squeeze out all the extra moisture. Our paper dried in about 24 hours, and was ready for more embellishments like glitter glue and Crayola’s ultra-clean washable markers. 

It felt really special to make and create a birthday card from scratch. Our artists were beaming with pride and using language to retell the process of making paper as Dad enjoyed his card. The set includes enough materials for 20 sheets of paper, or 20 holiday cards or thank-you notes to show gratitude this holiday season. 

Available at Crayola

By Erika Cardamone MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-language pathologist, Mom, toy reviewer, speaker, foodie, runner