Eco pup Rocky gets to be the star of open play with the Paw Patrol Rocky Re-Use It Truck. His truck features plenty of talking points with a moving lever to dump trash and transform through the compactor to create new materials, and interchangeable tools for more fixing and clean up all around town. This vehicle is also a great play tool for learning sequencing and describing events in order: 

First, load the dumpster with the trash cubes. Next, push the lever to make the arms lift and dump the contents into the back bin. Then, slide the knob on the side and watch the compactor work the magic and reuse the trash. Last, the new treasures are revealed through the back.

Kids loved this feature! Our toy testers found all sorts of tiny objects that fit inside to transform. With a little direction, we enhanced language and deduction skills even more by taking turns giving clues as to what might reappear on the other side of the Re-Use It Truck. A chorus of “Don’t lose it, reuse it!” was recited over and over as our friends took dialogue from the TV stories and incorporated them into pretend play and role playing. 

A great learning toy is one that can be played with in different ways. Rocky’s Re-Use It Truck also features interchangeable parts to switch the recycling bin to street sweeper and grabber, keeping streets clean and tidy. The operable open/close feature on truck doors keeps tiny hands busy placing and pulling out small objects, great for fine motor. Rocky’s Re-Use It Truck is a top choice for allowing new play schemas and infinite imagination opportunities.