Kids were drawn right into the world of PAW Patrol, commanding their My Size Lookout Tower. No need for instructions as they got right to work exploring the buttons, slide, periscope and launcher. Our 3 year-old friend was just big enough to peer through the rotating periscope, changing the scene from a farm, to mountains to the seashore. Push the button to receive your mission–“We have an emergency, the pigpen is broken, the pigs are escaping. Pick a pup to help us. Pick your pup, grab their back pack and take the elevator or slide down the chute to flip into your vehicle. Launch your vehicle and you are off. My friend got right into pretend play as he went off to save Chickaletta, acting out his heroic pup’s rescue. Kids can imitate the popular show’s episodes or create their own stories which builds language skills preparing them for reading.

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