PDQ happens so fast you have to be quick or a round is over. Shuffle the letter cards and place three cards face down, center card first. Ready, set go! Think of a word that includes those letters beginning with the letter on the right or left. A fun twist is that you don’t have to end the word with the other outside letter but add other letters on. Our first draw was E R T so we shouted out “trespass” and “eradicate” starting from the left and right. M I O became “mitochondria.” Wow, that was a word deep in my past science class! I N P became “inappropriate.” If your player partner is late to the game you can practice by yourself. This party game is a hoot but can also be adapted to different ages and be an intergenerational game which is very special. Younger players are given 2 cards instead of 3 with a shorter letter minimum of 3. Raise the letter minimum for the adults according to age to add a little spunk and level the playing field. 9 additional variations of the game are suggested in the Rules of Play to keep minds active and challenged. My player partner remarked that it makes him think in syllables and compound words. This “read between the lines” game builds vocabulary as kids learn longer more complex words, and literacy skills as they build words using specific letters (sounds) in order, while having a whole lot of fun!